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December 2020

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It’s The Small Details That Matter

I love butterflies. If you refer to my article in Small Business Concierge Magazine on “5 Dynamic Colors”, you will find out why. The striking patterns on a butterfly’s wings are created by the tiniest layers of scales and hairs. Butterflies are depicted in artistic expressions everywhere, and their resemblance usually found in the smallest […]

Wedding Couple

It’s Your Day To Shine

There can be no disputing that your wedding day is all about you. You have likely long dreamed about the attire, cake, venue, invitees and more! In your mind, it’s a lovely symphony of you and your fiancée, weaving together color, song and the ones you love. It’s your time to shine!What most do not

Perfect Partner Img

Forget About The Perfect Day – Finding The Perfect Partner

Do you dream about finding someone who shares a passion for all your joys? Do you wish your partner would be more of “this” or less of “that”? If you wait until you find the “perfect partner”, you may find you have still not waited long enough. Finding someone who shows you love in ways that make you feel

Christmas Idea

Go Ahead – Get Married on Christmas

A wedding at Christmas can be an opportune time to celebrate. Although the weather isn’t typically as nice, Christmas is the kind of festive occasion for which people will rearrange their schedules to be able to attend! Here are a few more tips and benefits to a Christmas wedding:  1) Bold, contrasting colors are easy

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