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7 exciting activities that couples can do that are guaranteed to create deeper and lasting emotional bonds.

Pablo Picasso once said, “Love is the greatest refreshment in life.” And no doubt, it is refreshing. But most times, couples can get so hung up on life, work, and daily routines to the point where dissatisfaction sets in and then the endless arguments. The excitement begins to fade, and the love loses flavor.

But it doesn’t make you a bad partner. It’s just that occasionally, you need to take deliberate actions to try and reignite your once-burning affections and reinforce your bonds. And the best way to do that is by engaging in intimate and fun activities, to help shift your attention from the daily arguments and routines… into a more grateful state.

In this article, we discuss 7 creative and exciting activities that couples can do to get their relationship bubbling with excitement, vigor, and deeper emotional bonds.


Playing games together

Dare I say, having fun cannot be fun if “playing games” does not top your activity list. They provide a lighthearted and exciting way to spend quality time together, while having loads of opportunities for laughter and intimately shared experiences.

Whether it’s board games, card games, video games, puzzles, word games, etc. It is one of the best ways to encourage open communication, enhance each other’s problem-solving skills, and create healthy competition.

When playing games together you learn more about the strengths, weaknesses, and preferences of your partner… Which helps to build trust and mutual understanding, relieve stress, create lasting memories, and reinforce the bond between partners through fun and playful interactions.

Start a new hobby/Explore existing ones together

Here’s another highly effective option to share experiences, spend quality time, connect deeply, and create memorable moments with your partner. All you need is to focus on your points of mutual interest and start there to build a strong cooperative spirit and mutual support.

And if you can’t find a mutual interest, then create one. It may be something you both enjoy doing or maybe an individual interest you can help your partner with. It doesn’t matter how small the tasks are. What matters is that you are doing it together.

This will help you and your partner in discovering new or buried passions, interests, and personalities… and deepen your mutual understanding and appreciation.

Here are some fun hobbies you can try with your partner:

Cook Together

Personally, this is one of the most intimate experiences for any couple. It just hits differently when you and your partner gather up in the kitchen chatting about every little thing that crosses your mind… while slicing vegetables, or sauteing, with those occasional cheek kisses.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Projects

Now, I’m talking about those little fun projects that you can do in your spare time. Things like assembling a piece of furniture, doing home decorations, painting or even renovating rooms in the house, cleaning the house together or even washing the cars.

Anything that gets you working together towards a common goal can help strengthen teamwork and improve your communication.


Relax Together

Let’s get real now. You can’t always be active and high performing; you are human not a robot. But even robots need a recharge when battery life is low. We as humans need even more relaxation and pampering.

And guess what? Just imagine how much more exciting that relaxation or pampering would be… When you are doing it with your significant other.

Sometimes all you need to clear off the tensions and arguments in your relationship is just a little rest. Something to help you blow off steam, de-stress, and unwind all the sour feelings together. And here are 4 extremely soothing ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Have a couple’s massage

Whether you go to a spa or do it yourself at home… what matters is that you do it together and are both fully immersed in the experience.

You should take turns giving yourself deep massages in a carefully organized room. Keep your favorite playlist running in the background, while you help pamper your partner’s body muscles into a state of relaxation.

Watch movies together

This is by far the most common and easiest activity to do. It doesn’t take much, just a TV or streaming device, and 2 people who desire to bond over entertainment… most likely after a long day of work.

To make this experience really immersive and memorable, put your phones on airplane mode, no calls, texts, or social media till you are done. Just you and your partner cuddling under a blanket, laughing, while explaining and pointing out some entertaining actions to each other.

Listen to music together

Music is very effective in evoking emotions, setting moods, and creating romantic atmospheres. And listening with your partner can help stimulate past emotions and experiences. Even to the point of recreating the circumstances under which you first fell in love.

Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook

Under a blanket, on the couch, in bed, during meals… it doesn’t matter where, just pick a podcast or audiobook on topics you both have strong interests. Something motivational, funny, enlightening… Anything that you both love, can easily understand, and you can have a discussion about.

Go on dates together

Never forget the power of an old-fashioned couple’s date. Just the 2 of you in a restaurant or mutually agreed location, in your best outfits and attitudes… Communicating, fantasizing, cracking jokes and laughing loud over food, drinks, or even movies.

When we talk about dates, there are no limits to what activities or how many of them you can do. It could just be a picnic in the park, a walk-in nature, a museum visit, thrift shopping, escape rooms, a concert or comedy show, wine tasting, or even a party.

You can do as much of them as you desire, as frequently as you can. In fact, the more the better. They fill your relationship with excitement and new things to bond over and talk about.

Get active with workouts exercises

It just got interesting. Imagine having to be able to spend quality time together, improve your overall health, get in better fitness shape, enhance your sex life… All with just one activity.

And in case you’re thinking… Yes, that’s how beneficial working out is, and even better when it’s done with your partner. And the best part is, there are so many ways to incorporate workouts into your relationship.

Hit the gym

If you are both ready to hit the high-intensity fitness road. Especially when getting into top shape becomes an emergency… Like in those few months before your wedding, or just having to support your partner who loves going to the gym.

Home Exercise or Yoga

You could hire a personal trainer or yoga instructor to help you take actual workouts or yoga sessions. Or you could just use YouTube trainers, exercise, or yoga apps at home. Whatever works well for you, just ensure to feel the experience and flow with it.


This is one high-intensity, energy-draining activity… But most of all, it’s extremely fun, especially when doing it with someone you love. So, clear the room, wrap up your best playlist, and move to the rhythm.

Go for adventure sports

Just the thing to give you a reason to trust each other by committing your safety to your partner. If you both enjoy the thrill and excitement caused by adrenaline flowing through your veins… Then this is definitely the activity for you.

They are mostly outdoors and include sports like rock climbing, hiking, zip-lining, kayaking, or even skydiving. In my experience, it’s always an experience to kill for. The adrenaline rush, the extreme moments, the experiences… They will deepen your bond and create lasting memories.

Go on vacations together

While every other activity we’ve mentioned in this article is done in familiar territories… Vacations give you the opportunity for a whole new experience, different and away from all you’ve always known.

When you do it alone, it can be scary. But with your partner, it becomes gutsy, adventurous, and exciting. Having to navigate unfamiliar territory and making joint decisions during such travels helps you enhance communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Not to mention that you also step away from your routine life as a couple and go out to create new experiences and unforgettable memories. And you also get quality time to relax, rejuvenate, reconnect, and deepen your emotional bond.


The most important thing to know about building a strong relationship and creating unbreakable bonds is that… It takes 2 people to make it work. Regardless of what you and I think or say… A relationship can only be successful if the 2 parties involved take conscious actions to communicate, understand and spend quality time with each other.

So, while engaging in any of these activities mentioned earlier, make sure to be sincere, open up, get vulnerable, and be ready to repair any broken cords. And I’ll be here cheering you all the way.

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