Go Ahead – Get Married on Christmas

A wedding at Christmas can be an opportune time to celebrate. Although the weather isn’t typically as nice, Christmas is the kind of festive occasion for which people will rearrange their schedules to be able to attend! Here are a few more tips and benefits to a Christmas wedding: 

1) Bold, contrasting colors are easy to get away with at this time of year. Try a mixture of black and gold, red and white or silver and green! Accentuate the festivities with fur-lined, winter capes for your wedding party. 

2) Snowflakes and candles make for elegant and intimate elements that you usually wouldn’t incorporate into a summer-time wedding. The dual nature of snow and fire beautifully captures the complexity and wonder of love, as well.

3) Consider a turkey dinner or Christmas ham for your wedding meal. Not only do you take the burden of preparing this meal from your guests, but you bring everyone together with such a nostalgic meal. Don’t forget some beautiful cookies and pies, for dessert!

You see? You don’t have to wait for spring or summer to celebrate your big day. With family, memorable decor and a menu that will be sure to loosen everyone’s belt, a Christmas wedding just might be the ticket!

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