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It’s The Small Details That Matter

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I love butterflies. If you refer to my article in Small Business Concierge Magazine on “5 Dynamic Colors”, you will find out why. The striking patterns on a butterfly’s wings are created by the tiniest layers of scales and hairs. Butterflies are depicted in artistic expressions everywhere, and their resemblance usually found in the smallest of details.

Now, before I lose you with cliché’s on the “simpler things”, may I ask that you humor me in asking yourself this question: “What small details are important to me, but are rarely attended to?” There is a tendency to disregard small things in the everyday. How often do we tell our kids that their broken toy is “not a big deal”? How often do we feel guilt over asking for the more pressing things, like a hug when we are grieving? When was the last time you left a penny on the ground because it was not a dollar?

My hope is that the butterfly and this question will illustrate how vital the small things are in making life beautiful. When we learn how beauty is accomplished, we most often find that it is through layers of small elements, thoughts or patterns. And of course, as a Wedding Planner this truth holds in my work.

Perhaps the beauty you seek is smaller than you think. Your wish might be for a grand wedding, marriage and life. I think we all share in that hope. But I challenge you to focus less on the big choices. Instead, consider that the unique and defining elements in your wedding day or in your life are likely in a few smaller, but more breathtaking details.

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