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Anniversary Planning Services

Anniversaries are milestone occasions to celebrate. Whether you’re celebrating your “paper” anniversary (Year 1), or your “golden” anniversary (Year 50), throwing a wedding anniversary party is a great reason to celebrate privately as a couple or to bring a large group of people together. Finer planning details will elevate the experience and make it one you will remember for years to come. Our anniversary planning services bring romance and excitement that represent your union. Your celebration, your values, and the life you share together will be reflected in our planning process.

Our Approach

No two weddings are alike and more importantly, no two marriages are alike. Anniversary celebrations require personalized planning. Our team loves the opportunity to listen to a couple reflect on their journey together and their anticipation for many more years of love and future companionship. Hearing their story allows us to plan a personalized anniversary celebration that reminds them why they fell in love with their spouse, to begin with, and to honor the growth in their relationship. Some may call our anniversary planning team “hopeless romantics”, but we simply believe that love truly does conquer all. Embracing that mantra allows us to create a personalized anniversary celebration of your dreams full of romance, excitement, and expectation.

Service Details

Our team of experts is more than capable of the planning process. We offer full-service planning that includes anniversary venue selection, event coordination, anniversary theme development, design, cuisine enhancement, and more. Once we know your unique love story, we are inspired to develop a personalized design that promises to create powerful reactions and generate emotions from happiness, excitement, and joy, to gratitude, satisfaction, and love. Our knowledge of lighting, entertainment, color, food, style, and aesthetics is what makes each event unique and exceeds our client’s expectations.

Why Choose Us

Many couples completely underestimate the level of stress event planning can cause. What’s different about our team is that we ensure our clients don’t have a care in the world in the planning process. We go beyond suggesting colors, vendors, table designs, and logistics, to make sure that this is an amazing experience from start to finish. We also know that when you choose an experienced anniversary planner, you’re inviting someone into intimate aspects of your life. My team and I personally believe that it is an incredible honor to be invited into the inner circle of someone’s family. And we do not take that lightly. Our experienced and creative anniversary planners are excited to begin planning that personalized, one-of-a-kind anniversary celebration with you.

See why our service is right for you

Everything you need in one place. We encourage you to fill out our Contact Us form or let’s hop on the phone, have a conversation, and understand your needs. If we can bring your vision to life, we’ll happily share what those options are. There’s no obligation.

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