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Comprehensive Event Planning Services

At Posh Events and Affairs, we believe one of the most attractive aspects of event planning is the diversity it entails. With such a wide range from weddings, fundraisers, book signings, corporate conferences, anniversaries, baby showers, and homegoing services to decorating a 37-room mansion for the holidays and more, it is a creative outlet for our team who have a passion for customer event solutions and implementing one-of-a-kind experiences. Our people thrive when coordinating and executing multiple moving parts, allowing them to express their artistic, custom event-planning expertise, bringing our clients’ visions to life.

Our Approach

Meredith, with over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry, curates a diverse range of experiences, spanning from opulent weddings to intimate backyard picnics and serene seaside retreats. This passion is deeply ingrained in her identity, as she believes it is part of God’s purpose for her. As the founder and owner, Meredith has assembled an exceptional team that recognizes the privilege of crafting meticulous events—events that leave an indelible mark on their clients’ lives. Their approach is characterized by an unwavering commitment to exceptional attention to detail, ensuring that each client’s vision is brought to life in extraordinary ways.

Service Details

Event planners have the privilege of impacting people’s lives by creating memorable moments. From fascinating theme development for events like birthdays, weddings, social corporate events, and more to securing stunning venues, full-service event coordination is dynamic and rewarding. Maybe you have a Celestial, Bohemian Chic, or Eco-Friendly inspired wedding in mind or have always wanted a Garden Disco, Western Goth, or 2-D inspired party theme on your bucket list. No matter the theme, our professional event planners are meticulous at organization and creativity, and we are ready and willing to make your event unique and memorable.

Why Choose Us

Posh Events and Affairs is a team of experienced professional event planners. Our commitment to quality, a vast network of vendors, and a creative team are second to none. The satisfaction of witnessing clients’ joy and gratitude when their events are well-planned and executed flawlessly is so rewarding that words cannot describe it. And having the opportunity to do it repeatedly is something our team does not take for granted. We are a creative event team that excels at positively impacting people’s lives and is the driving force we derive from our work.

See why our service is right for you

Everything you need in one place. We encourage you to fill out our Contact Us form, book your event consultation, or let’s hop on the phone, have a conversation, and understand your needs. We will happily share your options if we can bring your vision to life. Inquire today. There is no obligation.

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