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Exclusive Party Planning Services

Party planning specialists ensure smooth event operations. By creating memorable experiences, party planners make a lasting impression on our clients. Exposure to different cultures and traditions enhances our creativity and professional skills and helps broaden our personal worldview. Some unique celebrations we have incorporated into party planning include Oktoberfest, Chinese New Year, Festival of Colors and Carnival. The ability to stay current in our ever-changing industry is important. Creativity and innovation are necessary skills and an integral part of our party planning services. Discovering new ways and opportunities to “wow” our clients is what makes us stand out from our competitors.

Our Approach

Customized party planning begins with the end goal in mind. Are you bringing a group of people together to celebrate a milestone i.e. graduation, baby shower, anniversary or to celebrate the life of a loved one. One important aspect for having a successful event is knowing your budget. Creativity can happen within any budget, so be forward with your budget so we can begin customizing your event. We recently planned a holiday celebration and fun-raiser at the HyperX arena inside the Luxor. With Superbowl LVIII just a short time away, we selected a gaming site with a spectacular “half-time” show. Guests arrived wearing their favorite team jersey and the décor included trophies and footballs.

Service Details

Full-scale party coordination includes theme development, venue selection, entertainment, design, cuisine selection, and more. Helping our clients articulate their vision in these areas is something we are very good at. Taking time to listen to our clients describe what they want to see, how they want to feel, how they want their guests to feel special and appreciated, requires active listening skills. And once we’ve heard our clients, our creative ideas start to form. We bounce ideas off each other until we feel we are fully attuned to the feelings and views of our clients.

Why Choose Us

When looking for experienced party planners, Posh Events and Affairs is the logical choice. Our team of creative and innovative planners are beyond capable of creating a memorable event for you. Busy professionals can completely underestimate the level of stress and time required to execute a well-planned, one-of-a-kind event. Our commitment to quality, a vast network of vendors and creative team are second to none. We excel at positively impacting our clients’ lives and it is truly our passion. We do not take your special event lightly. For us, it’s ensuring our clients come away feeling their event was exactly as they envisioned and without a care in the world.

See why our service is right for you

Everything you need in one place. We encourage you to fill out our Contact Us form, book your event consultation, or let’s hop on the phone, have a conversation, and understand your needs. We will happily share your options on how we can plan your perfect party. Inquire today. There is no obligation.

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