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To Posh Events & Affairs, weddings are the ultimate celebration of love. Our keen organizational skills, calm demeanor, and unstoppable passion drive us to ensure everything is executed flawlessly. From classic, measured, and timeless to modern, eclectic, and boho chic, we partner with you to bring your one-of-a-kind wedding to life. We will create a personalized wedding that feels like you. As your luxury wedding planner, our design team manages high-level concepts, event architecture, and innovation. We have partnered with a curated team of brilliant vendors, and when design and innovation intersect, we create the perfect moment for you.

Our Approach

There is an old proverb that says, “It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine.” We believe that a personalized approach to wedding planning means paying attention to even the smallest details that can impact the big day. In addition to providing excellent project management skills, unique wedding design, creating budgets, producing timelines, and scouting the perfect venues, we collaborate with the couple to ensure the creation of a cohesive and thoughtful event. Our responsibility is to ensure that no detail is missed, including often overlooked items such as comfortable shoes for the bride and groom, transportation for beyond the bridal party, accurate guest count (please include the bride and groom), plenty of guest book pens, marriage license, and assistance for elderly guests just to name a few.

Service Details

Posh Events & Affairs is a premiere wedding planning company that offers the best preparation and presentation of your event. Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of planning your wedding, or are you halfway through the process? Whichever the answer is, we are here for you. We will take care of finding the perfect wedding venue, booking your vendors, and designing the wedding you envision. Or if you already have a clear vision of your wedding day, but need assistance putting it all together, we are the perfect team for the hand-off. We’ll take what you have planned and execute it flawlessly so you can focus on being the bride or groom of your dreams. 

Why Choose Us

There are experienced professional wedding planners worldwide, and the Posh Events and Affairs team is one of them. Our commitment to quality, a vast network of vendors, and a creative team are second to none. The satisfaction of witnessing clients’ joy and gratitude when their weddings are well-planned and executed flawlessly is so rewarding that words cannot describe it. And having the opportunity to do it repeatedly is something our team does not take for granted. We are a creative event team that excels at positively impacting people’s lives and is the driving force we derive from our work.

See why our service is right for you

Everything you need in one place. We encourage you to fill out our Contact Us form, book a wedding consultation, or let’s hop on the phone, have a conversation, and understand your needs. We will happily share your options if we can bring your vision to life. Inquire today. There is no obligation. 

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