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Wedding dress: How to choose the perfect wedding dress design that perfectly fits your body shape to deliver comfort, beauty, and elegance.

What’s so important about a wedding dress, and why all the fuss about picking the best one? After all, it’s nothing more than the single most important and glorified outfit… that you would be wearing to what may be the most elegant and exciting event you will ever host.

So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal. You only have one shot at getting it right. I know it feels like a lot of pressure and an overwhelming task. Especially when you must choose from an abundance of styles and sizes for the perfect dress. And particularly when you don’t even know your body shape, and what works well with it.

But after reading this article, you’ll be able to define your exact body shape… and identify the kind of dresses that best suit each body shape.

How to Choose the perfect wedding dress designs for your body shape

Let me ask; Haven’t you noticed that even in your small (or massive) wardrobe, some dress styles naturally look better and perfectly fitting on you than others? Without putting much effort.

Well, that’s because every body type has its desirable and less desirable features. And the perfect wedding dress design (or any dress) should highlight the most desirable features for beauty, comfort, elegance, and admiration. While drawing attention away from the less flattering features.

The fact is the earlier you understand your body shape and what works for it, the better. This way you don’t keep spending money on dresses that don’t do justice to your beauty and shape.

So, let’s look at the different body shapes, what to avoid and what to embrace.

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The different body shapes and the perfect dress designs they slay with:

The Pear or Triangle

You fall into this category if you have a larger hip region and narrow, or smaller upper body. With this shape, the hips, thighs, and butt are relatively larger, with a small bust, or narrow shoulder, and a small waistline.

  • Your ideal dress
    With this shape, you should add a little more volume to your upper body… while keeping details around your hip at a minimum. You should go for dress designs like the A-line, ball gowns, and empire dresses (sleeves are also excellent additions). These designs will keep details around the upper body. While the flares and ball style from the waistline will keep the large hip region from being too obvious.
  • What to avoid
    Since you are trying to conceal the hip region, try avoiding any dress that hugs your body from below the waistline like the mermaid or trumpet dress styles. And those styles that will make you look bigger than you actually are, like the empire dress.

Apple or Inverted triangle

This kind of person typically has larger busts, and broader back and shoulders. They have a more rounded midsection (between the hips and shoulders) … With most of their weight in that region. The thick waistline and smaller hips are the less desirable features you would like to conceal or tone down. While the larger bust area and curves are where we’d like to focus attention.

  • Your ideal dress
    The best option is to flaunt your curves, and use styles that add volume to your hip region… With dresses flaring out from the hips, like empire-waisted, A-line and ball gowns. They help conceal the narrow hips and balance both halves of your body. This way more attention is given to the curvy upper body.
  • What to avoid
    Avoid any dress that hugs your body from the hip region, like mermaid and trumpet style. And you also avoid strapless, off-the-shoulder or halter-neck dresses. They highlight and add more size to your wide shoulders and upper body, which you don’t need.

The Rectangle or Banana Shape

As the name implies, this body shape typically has an even proportion from the shoulders, waist down to the hips. More as they align considerably, with the least curves than other body shapes. So, choose dresses that make up for the lack of curves.

  • Your ideal dress
    Dresses that add volume to your shape, enhance the hips and create a defined curvy figure… The A-line, empire, ball gowns and princess-style dresses are your best bet. They help add more defined curves to your shape and give a fuller bottom… Exactly what you need.
  • Your ideal dress
    Dresses that add volume to your shape, enhance the hips and create a defined curvy figure… The A-line, empire, ball gowns and princess-style dresses are your best bet. They help add more defined curves to your shape and give a fuller bottom… Exactly what you need.

The Hour Glass

Some call it “The perfect shape”, while others call it “Figure 8”. But regardless of the name you choose, these people have clearly defined curves, with a proportion balance of the upper and lower halves. They have round defined hips, with slimmer waistlines, bigger busts, and a shoulder almost in line with the hips. With regards to dressing, your best bet is to find something that will shamelessly show off those curves.

  • Your ideal dress
    Look for the fittest, body-hugging dress you can find and throw it on that shape. Something that will highlight every inch of your curvaceous shape with great details. The likes of mermaid gowns, v-necklines, trumpet Gown, corseted Gown and Fit-and-Flare styles like A-lines, v-necklines, sweetheart Neckline etc. They beautify the alignment of your natural curves.
  • Your ideal dress
    Since you have all the curves you need, avoid whatever dress will make you look bigger and add to your weight or size. These dresses can alter the natural proportional balance your body already has… Like ball gowns, empire, or princess-style dresses.


At this point, you should understand your body type, what works for you, and what to avoid. This simple understanding applies to wedding dresses, dinners, parties, or any other occasion that requires you to look your absolute best.

So, get out there, slay at your best, and you can come back to tell me your story. I will be waiting, and also cheering you on from here.

And if you have any questions or inquiries about your outfits, event planning, decoration, etc… Contact us here.

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