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Wedding gift ideas for out-of-town guests: 10 thoughtful items to include in your wedding gift bags that will leave a lasting impression

Whether you are a wedding planner, parent/friend of the couple, or the couple themselves; if you are ever going to have or plan a memorable wedding experience, it will be impossible to ignore the matter of giving gifts to your guests (especially when they are guests outside town).

No doubt, scouting for gift items worthy of filling your wedding bags can be draining and mind-boggling. And even worse when you really want to impress your honored guests… And leave them with a lasting impression.

But if you do get it right by including thoughtful and highly personalized gifts, it becomes an experience they can’t forget. And they will go through fire and water to not miss any future events you might invite them to.

And in this article, we’re discussing 10 unusual thoughtful items and gift ideas to include in your wedding gift bags. That tells your guests that you care about them and want them to have the best experience.

10 thoughtful items and unusual gift ideas to include in your wedding gift bags for out-of-town guests

While it’s tempting to stuff your wedding gift bags with regular basic items like water bottles, handkerchiefs, and towels (which are not bad ideas) … Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to incorporate your personality and style into the occasion.

Personalized welcome note

You may have officially invited your guests to your wedding. But obviously you invited many others. And some may have grudgingly attended, to avoid offending you.

But when you start them off with a personalized welcome note (from the couples themselves) … expressing your gratitude and acknowledging their presence… It dramatically becomes personal and worthwhile.

The Wedding Itinerary

You would not want to have guests missing any of the special experiences you have arranged for them.

So, add it in the itinerary to keep guests informed of every occasion and pre-event scheduled for the duration of the wedding.

The itinerary should outline events like the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, reception timings, excursion for guests, and any other activities you wouldn’t want them to miss out on.

Maps and Directions

Could you imagine having to pause your extensively planned wedding weekend… to search for guests who have gone missing? Just because someone did not think to provide navigational guides for the guests.

We all have directional apps on our phones. But some guests might be technology challenged or elderly and prefer something in writing. You should provide detailed maps and directions to help guests navigate the area, especially if they are unfamiliar with the location. Include important landmarks, wedding venues, and nearby amenities.

Emergency Contact Information

What are the chances that your guests would be caught in an emergency?

Regardless, it is only wise to provide a list of emergency contact numbers, including your own, and any local authorities or services they may need to reach in case of unforeseen circumstances. At least, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Your favorite local snacks

If you aim to create a memorable wedding experience for your out-of-town guests, then you should give them the privilege of enjoying the richness of the locality. Whether it’s local experiences, food, or whatever… And I doubt they will reject such a generous offer.

You can collaborate with local bakeries, restaurants, etc… to create local foods, cookies, or cupcakes decorated with your initials or wedding motifs.

This will give your guests a taste of the locality and uniqueness of the occasion. And it never goes wrong.

Travel-sized Kits & Toiletries

While planning your perfect wedding weekend, you cannot ignore those little things that contribute to the comfort of your guests.

Consider including travel-sized toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, mini sewing kit, ear plugs, mini first-aid kits, etc.

Or more practical items like portable phone chargers, travel adaptors, lightweight travel blankets, hangover kits, emergency kits, etc., to keep your guests always prepared and convenient.

Handcrafted Souvenirs

Now, let’s talk about tangible gifts that will stick with your guests for a long time. My advice; absolutely blow their minds with the best locally made and handcrafted souvenirs unique to your wedding destination.

This could include artisanal pottery, locally made jewelry, local artworks, indigenous crafts or leather works, or hand-painted pictures capturing a memorable local landmark.

If we are still talking about mind-blowing gifts, then these will serve as a heartfelt reminder of the time spent celebrating your wedding.

An Unforgettable Local Experience

Outside the routines of the wedding events… consider offering your out-of-town guests a slight change of scenery. You can arrange tickets to local attractions, romantic activities, places of interest, etc… To give guests time off to explore the locality and have adventures.

Whether it’s a guided city tour, wine tasting at a nearby vineyard, a spa day, theatre action, tourist attractions… Just something to let them off the hook and feel free for a while.

Thank-you notes and small tokens

After the wedding, you should thank your guests with a personalized send-off “Thank-you note”…

And you can include small tokens as a heartfelt memento of their attendance… such as couple-customized journals and pens, customized keychains, trinkets, bottle openers, etc.

This final gesture demonstrates your genuine appreciation for their time and presence.

Personalized Photo Frames

This gift choice just screams unique and highly thoughtful. Offer your out-of-town guests personalized photo frames engraved with the wedding date, the couple’s names, or a heartfelt message from the couple.

Look, your guests may have had the best experience of their lives. But even such memories wear off with time. But not when those important moments were captured and displayed in their home.

This gift allows them to highlight their favorite wedding photos and experiences. It’s not an expensive gift, but it sends a powerful message “I want you to remember this wedding experience for the rest of your life.”

Important: Never forget…

The value of your gifts is not determined by the price … But it’s the thought and effort behind the gift that truly counts. When giving gifts to guests, include an individualized touch that expresses your personality and individual connection.

That little piece of you your guests get to take home… Will last longer than your food and drinks. They create a more memorable token.

We understand that getting creative with every task isn’t realistic. After all, you are only human, and there’s a limit to your capacity.

That is why the Posh Events and Affairs team is dedicated to taking this hassle off your shoulders. While you focus on yourself and enjoy your big day. Whether it is the planning, coordination, organization, catering, execution… Leave it to us; we got you. Contact us now.

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