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What Are The Color Trends for 2019?

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In the bridal world, green, purple, blue and blush are going to be the colors in 2019.

Green happens to be my favorite color so allow me to focus on it for a moment. The color green is being attributed as the accent color of the Royal Wedding of Megan Markel and Prince Harry symbolizing purity and elegance.  The color Green also means life, energy, safety; and in biblical terms, immortality.

Green can easily mix will all sorts of colors from stunning oranges, deep greens, arresting blues to pulsating pinks. Or, another trend is using just one color, but in varying shades.

Personally, I enjoy seeing what color has been selected the trend for the year. It helps me stay current within my industry, allowing me to share that information with my clients. It also guides me in the decision making process for those special pair of shoes that I will purchase that year (I’ve told you before, I love to shop). But seriously, color trends are fun but they come and they go.  When selecting a color for your special event, choose a color that epitomizes you. A color that makes you feel good and empowers you to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

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